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The Estate is a paranormal point-and-click adventure with minor RPG style combat.  You play the role of a young paranormal studies student. When your professor has been missing for several days you decide to pay him a visit. Given his field of study you should have expected something other-worldly was happening.

Make your way through the manor and experience the mysteries within. Encounter haunting spirits, both malevolent and friendly.  

This game in its current state is not finished! So there is only so much to see right now. I always appreciate feedback however. Made with GB Studio and meant to be played fully on the Game Boy hardware This is a work in progress, new details will be added soon.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorCouch Knight
Made withGB Studio, Clip Studio Paint
TagsGame Boy, gb-studio, gbstudio, Horror, Point & Click, supernatural
Average sessionA few minutes

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Brilliantly done graphics here considering the tile limit I'm far too familiar with fighting against, good use of the Point&Click, very intriguing story so far.

Can't wait to see more in future, if more is on the way!


You've got me!  I'm all in.  Will be following closely and would love to feature this on my stream when it's complete! :)


Awesome graphics!